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Brunschwig and fils
Global distributor of trade-only furnishings and design fabrics for Designers Guild Fabrics. Products range from floor décor, wallpaper and furnitute. L.A. Design Concepts ships popular to-the-trade-only, name brand interior furnishings direct to the cons
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451 BeautifulPaint
0 0
We share our own creations, selfmade tubes
and/or other selfmade stuf with eachother.
We also share our own daily internet finds,
such as images, tubes, doodles, accents,
tutorial links ect.
Common interests are 19th century art,
people and nat
452 Anzis_IM-Letters
0 0
Here you can get my new IM-letters as soon i make them.
I'm the only one that post, so the volume will be low.
I'm a periodical letter-creator, so from time to time the volume will be nothing at all ..LoL..
Obvious you must use IncrediMail !!!!
All my
453 Flower's Pixels
0 0
Flower's Pixels is a pixel graphic site that offers lots of cute pixelled goodies.
I have lots of free things aswell as a paid membership area. My goodies include lots
of original outlines, dolls, tubes, stationary, sigtags & lots more. Drop by Flower's
454 My little PSP World- Meine kleine PSP Welt-Come in
0 0
PSP-Sharing Group for collectors,sit down + snag or share if you like.We speak English and German,you need a big mailbox ,we share much kind of stuff and tubes from all over the world.AC and SAC allowed!!!Come in and try us, hehe
455 jamescreationsADULTMUSICANDSTATS
0 0
hi! we shear adult tag's and stat's if you are not over the age's of 18 year old this is not a place for you !! but if you are over 18 year of age's and would love too join then come on in ok!!
456 StatsByLouise
0 0
I love to make Personalized stationary for Incredimail.There will be NO AC, EAC or SAC stats coming through this group at all.
457 BunnyBearsCreations
0 0
This group is where i create personalized stationary for Incredimail with alphas and graphics from other talented creators, if you like your name on your incredimail stationary, then you will like this group!! Right now i will be the only one posting so t
458 Liisaz Dezinez
0 0

Welcome to my ALWAYS LIST!!. ALL my tags are Copyright Compliant~
459 MidniteEnchantedBoutique
0 0
Welcome To Midnite Enchanted Boutique
Do You Love Head Tags With Your Very Own Personal Face, Do You Like Incredimail Stats! If the answer is YES
Then Hit the Join Button and Check Us Out!
460 Pixel Lover
0 0
FREE pixels, adoption shop, scraps, templates, graphics and so much more.
Pop along and find something for your personal or commercial endevours.
461 free bubble games
0 0
Bubblegame.co is the greatest source of the best free internet games including shooting games, display games, arcade games, dress-up games, internet activities, funny games, term games, RPG activities, racing activities, and much more. Whatever activity y
462 StylishTags
0 0
Stylish Tags is not just another tag group here you will find a wide variety of classy custom tags. You will get Country tags , Floral tags , Victorian tags , Animal tags , Scenic tags , Humor tags and lots of unique ones you never imagined .
463 RachelleESZ2
0 0
InsuranceWithEase.com creates searching for household insurance, car insurance, organization insurance, medical insurance, lifestyle insurance, pet insurance, and journey insurance simple! There is no cause to move elsewhere, assess premiums and quotes fr
464 Awesome PSP Downloads.
0 0
Here you can find links to resources where you are able to download games, music, movies and more. Most links require a one time fee, then you can have unlimited downloads.
465 G Rated PSP
0 0
Hi and welcome to g rated psp. You are welcomed to share stationary, tags, extras, tubes, etc. This is a family friendly group, so absolutely no AC, SAC or EAC. There will be no flaming of members here. If you have any problems or concerns with other
466 Christie's Elegant Creations
0 0
Want to sit back and be spoiled by tags? You have come to the right place. I am the only one creating. This is my Always List.
Come and have fun!! G Rated
467 MagicalEnchantedRose
0 0
Hello, this is an incredimail sharing group and make new friends. We share PSP, Stat's, Tag's Extra's,music , nice creators on the group ,If you like glitter stats there is the place for you!!! .
468 AussiegirladlCreations
0 0

Do you like personalised letters and have Incredimail? Well this is the place to come. This is a fun, family themed group, so sit back and enjoy, as it will be only me and my Mother (shirld47) offering letters. You MUST have Incredimail to receive Our
469 Personaliedlettersbyshirld47
0 0
Do you like personalised letters and have Incredimail? Well this is the place to come. This is a fun, family themed group, so sit back and enjoy, as it will be only me and my Daughter (aussiegirladl) offering letters. You MUST have Incredimail to receive
470 Designs by Cindi
0 0
Free to use and pay to use scraps. This is the home of my freebies and updates on what is going on in the stores. Lots of freebies adding weekly.
471 Digital Tapestries: Stationary & Sig Tags
0 0
Digital Tapestries offers sig tags & stats, for both OE and IM. The main themes for this group are Pinups, Fantasy, Goth/Dark Art, Pagan and a few others. If you are looking for beautifully designed stats and sigs then this is the group for you!
472 Loopy's Loveables
0 0
Family Friendly, absolutely no A/C content.
This group will be low volume as only I will be posting. My letters are usually animated so tend to be heavier. I also make tags to match my letters. Hope to see you soon at Loveables.
473 iluvsnowmen
0 0
A Group for sharing all thing snowmen
whether it be incredimail stats
tags blanks or graphics
474 Naughty n Nice
0 0
We are a Paintshop Pro group where almost anything will be shared
Fonts, brushes, gradients, tubes, masks, scraps, graphics etc. A/C is allowed,NO EAC.Incredimail is NOT required to join. You must be 18 or over
475 Themes-R-Back
0 0
Please join me with a new IncrediMail theme each day...I will give the months themes in advance so you will have time to collect some to share. To remain a member you only need to share once a week. You can share stats, tags, tubes, etc...just no adult co
476 SharingOurHeartsandJesus
0 0
This is a Christian family type group where we will share devotions, Christian writings, songs, poetry, recipes and also incredimail and graphics.
477 Tags by DigitalDits
0 0
Looking for just the right personalized tag?
This is my always list where I will share my creations with your requested name.
I will be the only posting and maybe only two to three times a month, so mail from this group will be quite small. All tags ar
478 MagicalEnchantedRose
0 0
Hello, this is an incredimail sharing group and make new friends. We share PSP, Stat's, Tag's Extra's,music , nice creators on the group ,If you like glitter stats there is the place for you!!! .
479 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OOGraphicsFunandChat
0 0
Great place to share and snagg graphics, tags ,ect,ect,. come join the fun ! We allow you all for your family time , every one has to have that. just check in every now and then and share or say thank you , or even Hi.we are a small group right now, but h
480 gracecreatief
0 0
A site with quality tubes and all kinds of material for use with Paint Shop Pro. Also Tubes (made with Poser) for use with Paint Shop Pro. Also willing to make your personal tube on request if possible.
481 Lady Ann's Tutorials
0 0
My site displays my PSP tutorials and Web Set tutorials as well as some linkware.
482 Twisted_Humour
0 0
Welcome To Twisted_Humour! Post your favorite files such as adult humor, funny pictures, weird pictures, cartoons, jokes, links, greetings, forwards, animations, powerpoint files, paintshop pro goodies, movies, music, bizarre, scary, horrific, gross me ou
483 Gobs of Goodies
0 0
A group for those who love PSP and Incredimail! We share Incredimail letters,scrap kits, masks, brushes, frames, tubes, extras...you name it! So if you like sharing and collecting then this is the place for you! This is a must share,on a weekly basis, gro
484 Posers and Cookie Tags Galore
0 0
I personally love Poser Dolls as well as these adorable new Cookie Dolls.

In this group i will be the only one posting. I will be offering both Poser and Cookie Doll tags up for request.
485 effects of drug addiction and abuse
0 0
Drug abuse has been considered to be on the increase from a research study that was carried out recently. Many people seem to be to be indulging in drug abuse. The rate at which people seem to be succumbing to drug-related problems is extremely alarming.K
486 Desirable Dezignz
0 0
Taggers will offer tags for request. They will range from from cute - AC. No EAC will be offered!
You must be 18 or over to join
487 Download Adobe Photoshop
0 0
Adobe Connection is the premier resource for everything Adobe, from Photoshop to After Effects - bringing you the latest news, trends, tips, tutorials, guides, and downloads on Adobe's wide variety of product and software offerings. You don't have to look
488 lower back pain treatment
0 0
Chronic back pain is something that affects thousands of people each year, with many of them unable to get much relief, if any, from the pain. It may be a sharp pain that comes on suddenly and doesn't go away.If you're one of these many sufferers, you're
0 0

490 Theresa's Daily Themes
0 0
Welcome to Theresa's Daily Themes. This group has the potential of being high volume so please take note of that. Each morning I will post 1 or more themes for that day. You will need to send in things for that theme. You can send in stats, tags, tubes, e
491 BratsBaubles
0 0
We are a family friendly group that shares anything you could possibly want.
We donot have a mandatory send requirement but sharing from all is very much appreciated and welcomed. Here is where you get the best things you need to touch your spirit, your
492 Tags By imari
0 0
This is my "always list". I will be the only one posting, so the mail will always be "light". This is strictly a G Rated group, with NO AC, mild or otherwise. You can enjoy receiving my tags without going through the hassle of requesting them!
493 Under The Raven's Wings
0 0
This is your place to find all things Wiccan/Pagan/Magick related for learners of all levels!
494 Digital Tapestries: Font Fancy
0 0
If you fancy fonts then Font Fancy is the group you've been looking for! Only approved members, the Font Fancy Furies, will be sending in previews and fonts. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the thrill of the font!
495 Love My Soaps
0 0
For fans of daytime & primetime TV. With spoilers, poll of the week, recaps & more.
496 Tags By PrairieLady
0 0
I create colorful, bold and unique tags without scripting with the following themes: Fantasy, horse, wildlife, NA, floral, holiday, celebrity/movie, and country/western. For examples of my tags, please visit my Fotki at http://public.fotki.com/PrairieLad
497 Tracy-Lou Creation
0 0
If you would like to be always list please join.

498 Glitternation Fasination
0 0

This group is for Incredimail users who love fantasy, glitter, animations, SAC, Goth, celebs and more. We will have MOTW and tag offers within the group. Please come join us and have some fun
499 Dazzling Incredimail
0 0
This group uses the Incredimail program, so you will need it to join the group. Our group shares anything to do with Incredimail. If you share the love we have for Incredimail, then this is the group for you! Come on in and start snagging and sharing! *We
500 SusansCafe
0 0
WELCOME to Susan's Cafe where all creators are welcomed. We do stats,tubes,anything PSP, tutorial, snagging and sharing. You are required to make one share a week, it can be a group praise. Only G to SAC shares are allowed, NO AC!!!! Please have your Y
501 You and Me and PSP Advanced Class
0 0
Once you have passed the you and me and psp beginner class you can then move on to
the advanced class which is by invitation only.
You are guaranteed to learn and enjoy creating in my advanced group.
502 Lurker Snaggin Incredimail Fun
0 0
This group has been designed for those who like to sit back and enjoy snaggin!
I share G-Rated Family Friendly stats such as
Flowers, Hearts, Holidays and Seasons, Animated and Glittery, Days of the week, Celebs and TV shows, Simple background station
503 SoYaThinkYouCanCook
0 0
Do You like new Recipes and love getting new Incredimail Stationary? Than this is the group for you! We share everday recipes for food and drinks.
504 Gorjuss-Fans-LiveOn
0 0
We share only Suzanne Woolcott's tags and stats. We are a copyright group. So come on in and sit back and do some chit chat and make new friends.
505 Xclusive Designs
0 0
We are a group of folks who love to PSP and share our creations. Now, you DO NOT have to PSP to come hang out with us. We have lots of do - PSP inclined or not!! Tube Giveaways, Xclusive Tutorials (not listed nor ever will be listed anywhere else) We're
506 Tag Time Divas
0 0
Tag Time Divas is for family friendly personalized siggy tags! All Tags are g-rated!
Debbie, Owner
507 Simply The Best Creators
0 0
If you like collecting Incredimail Stats and Tags then simply join Simply the Best Creators! Here you can collect Incredimail Stats, Named Tags or anything our wonderful Creators wish to create for you.

Only our Creators post so mail volume will be low
508 Chat and Stitch
0 0
Love to cross stitch? Love to chat? Then this is the group for you!
Join now and let's get going on those projects! All ages welcome!

Subscribe: chatandstitch-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
unsubscribe: chatandstitch-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com
List O
509 faith_filled_friends
0 0
Faith Filled Friends...a new group for Christian women. Here we will enjoy chat, daily activities, recipes, marriage/relationship advice, graphics, Paint Shop Pro(share tutorials, tubes, etc.), Incredimail(Share your creations or others), talk about our d
510 PSP Playhouse 2
0 0
Everything PSP & More..
Stats, Tags, Incredimail, Outlook, Tubes, Graphics and so much more.
Participation is a must and we are G-Rated only.
511 LMRForwards
0 0
We are a G-PG rated list
We send anything and everything that will help a leader with their list
Header Sets Tags Offers
Swap Ads Once a week
All Mail Can Be Forwarded To Lists You Run Or Own
No Stress No Hassle No Drama NO Nudity
512 JustFriendsSharing
0 0
We are a Family Friendly Group. No Nudity Or gothic is allowed. We share IM stats. Extras. and anything that Is PSP. we have a Theme day and Extars and Tubes day and we also Now Have Secret Pal day. Come join in the fun and Meet some Wonderful Ladies. we
513 Dragonfly Ghost Graphics
0 0
DGG is an always list for those who would like to recieve my exclusive tags. Tags vary from cute-AC, and I make a variety of tags...whatever strikes my fancy. You must be 18 to join, and you must fill out a database once you are approved. Hope to see you!
514 Taggin4Fun
0 0
We have several talented taggers who will offer their creations to you. Not all tags offered here are our own creations, some were made by talented others and snagged through yahoo groups. G-rated to SAC tags only.

::: Seeking Taggers :::
515 Tigger's_Incredi_Shares
0 0
Shares here will be for things compatible with the Program Incredimail, extras, tubes and alphas, and other things for PSP. ABSOLUTLY no nudity will be shared or accepted here. Personized tags and stats can be shared here, and you may make them for the gr
516 Kelly_and_friends_request_list
0 0
We are a family friendly group that offers personalized stats & tags to our members. We have lots of fun. So if you are addicted to stats and tags like us, then come join us for some great offers.
517 DW_CM_Tutorial_Writers_Inc
0 0
This group is for Tutorial writers to have their tut\\\\\\\'s tested by qualified testers.
We have a good group going here.
No Adult content of any kind allowed
518 Exclusively Dolls
0 0
This is a small family group where we exchange Candybar and other cute Korean dolls (example: sayclub, com2zoa, and other teenies). Mail volume can be high at times. In this group we share letters, tags, and tubes made with these dolls only.
519 Smilies, Blinkies, Dolls and More
0 0
This group started sharing just smilies, dolls and blinkies. But it was wanted by the members to share more. We share extras, everything with paint shop pro, incredimail, programs, tuts, tubes, graphics, stats, pixels, and more. Graphics and things to put
520 c&ccreations
0 0
Chris & Carole would like to welcome you to our group.

We are a friendly Family orientated group where you can come and
521 Lady J Designs
0 0
Do you like tags but donít always have time to request? Well this is the group for you. No more requesting. You will automatically receive tags from me on a weekly basis. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your new tags. My Tags Range from G to R. Y
522 Wikmail & PSP Explosion
0 0
A fun alternative to Incredimail. "WikMail and PSP Explosion" We are a fun group and we share all things PSP and letters using WikMail only.
523 Turtle_Island_IncrediMail_Creations
0 0
Welcome to Turtle Island IncrediMail Creations! This is an IncrediMail group with a lot of Native American and wildlife shares. A variety of creations will come through to keep everyone happy! You may share all kinds of stats but no adult or EAC. Also, an
524 JeannesCreations
0 0
This is a taggroup, where I will share my creations. I will be making tags with (sometimes) matching letters. These creations will be family-orientated, so a lot of cartoons and "cute" stuff. It will be a low-profile group as I am the only one sending
525 Todays_Font_Finds
0 0
A group where I will be the only one sharing the best collected fonts on the internet that I snag or find. You are not required to send or share!

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