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This is a Christian group where you can recieve all of my Incredimail stationary.
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451 Glitternation Fasination
0 0

This group is for Incredimail users who love fantasy, glitter, animations, SAC, Goth, celebs and more. We will have MOTW and tag offers within the group. Please come join us and have some fun
452 Love My Soaps
0 0
For fans of daytime & primetime TV. With spoilers, poll of the week, recaps & more.
453 Digital Tapestries: Stationary & Sig Tags
0 0
Digital Tapestries offers sig tags & stats, for both OE and IM. The main themes for this group are Pinups, Fantasy, Goth/Dark Art, Pagan and a few others. If you are looking for beautifully designed stats and sigs then this is the group for you!
454 Kingskafe.com
0 0
Elegant site with Psp utilities,Tutorials, Art work by Sandy Mason, Incredimail, Christian Incredimail, Movies, Globes, Websets, Poetry, music, site menu etc. Please come and visit. By Sandy Mason Kingskafe.com
455 all4ucreations
0 0
I will do incredimail stationary for soap opera stars,
I will do incredimail stationary for primetime tv shows,
and i will also offer personalized stationary as well as matching tags
/ blanks plus offer the tags eventually.
I will also offer tag o
456 BeautifulPaint
0 0
We share our own creations, selfmade tubes
and/or other selfmade stuf with eachother.
We also share our own daily internet finds,
such as images, tubes, doodles, accents,
tutorial links ect.
Common interests are 19th century art,
people and nat
457 one on one Learning psp
0 0
do you have Paint shop pro? want to learn to Create but dont know where to start---then Start here we teach you how to Create from the Very beggining.
learn the basics the ins and outs and have fun doing sooo we give you a teacher that will help guide y
0 0
459 Micheles_Humor
0 0
This is a great place to post my favorite movie clips, funny pictures, interesting stuff, and share my funny files. Please be advised, I tend to have a weird sense of humor. lol Join today, if you like receiving cool e-mails!
460 IMCreationsJust4U
0 0
I love to make Personalized stationary for Incredimail. Cathy will be making tags to match if the alpha can be shared. There will be NO AC, EAC or SAC stats coming through this group at all.
461 AngelKitty Letters
0 0
We have the best creators in the world here for you to enjoy!
You won't find any adult content here,
We keep things family friendly so your little ones should they be around can look and enjoy with you :)
Have fun snagging and again we are glad you
462 Designs By Katie
0 0
A place to share all psp related stuff, music shares accepted also. I am looking for moderators.
463 Sheila's Friends, Fun and Tags
0 0
Welcome and I hope you enjoy yourselves! We are a group for friendship, fun and tags. We have taggers who all have Always Lists, we have games,recipes,music,crafts. You can share extras,poems,and jokes. No race,religion or politics. We are a high volume g
464 Incredimail Friends of Sheila
0 0
The group is for all who enjoy and use the IncrediMail Program. We will share stationary and if you create stationary with the program please feel free to share your creations, Members must have IncrediMail to join. No AC,EAC
465 Designs by Cindi
0 0
Free to use and pay to use scraps. This is the home of my freebies and updates on what is going on in the stores. Lots of freebies adding weekly.
466 Zara's Tag Group
0 0
This my always list where I and any taggers for the group will make tags for each and every member. We will also offer tags from time to time.
467 Challenge Me PSP
0 0
Do you like PSP? Do you like to be challenged? If so come join us at Challenge Me PSP. Challenges are sent out three times a week and include fonts, masks, tubes, tutorials and anything else PSP related. We also have a fortnight challenge that will be vot
468 Tags by Sheila
0 0
Do you like pretty tags and extras for your emails?
If so, then come along and join me here:)
I will keep an always list so you won't have any need to order tags.
469 Tracing_Memories
0 0
This group is intended for genealogy research and communication on genealogy subjects only. This Dedicated To Helping New & Advanced Researchers. Please browse around and have a look. There is a list of surnames that our members are researching in the dat
470 SharingOurHeartsandJesus
0 0
This is a Christian family type group where we will share devotions, Christian writings, songs, poetry, recipes and also incredimail and graphics.
471 Themes-R-Back
0 0
Please join me with a new IncrediMail theme each day...I will give the months themes in advance so you will have time to collect some to share. To remain a member you only need to share once a week. You can share stats, tags, tubes, etc...just no adult co
472 Tags By Sis (TBS)
0 0
Tag's By Sis - (TBS)

A wide variety of tags are offered in this group
473 Butterfly Ladies Coffee Shop
0 0
This group is for women only. The purpose of the group is to develop friendships. We want it to be a virtual corner coffee shop where friends gather to encourage and support each other. The group is small so that we can get to know each other better. Jesu
474 Magik Forest
0 0
We are an Incredimail group with a fantasy theme. Anything can be shared including letters/stats, tags, extras and PSP goodies. We are a G-rated group with no adult content of any kind allowed. No dark fantasy, no dark and heavy goth or blood and gore. Th
475 iluvsnowmen
0 0
A Group for sharing all thing snowmen
whether it be incredimail stats
tags blanks or graphics
476 ConniesCuteTags
0 0
This is a family oriented tag collecting group..very cute and animated tags by our 20+ talented taggers. Cone in and sit a spell!
477 Copyright Compliant Family
0 0
Our Group is for those who want to receive copyright compliant Incredimail stationery, Outlook Express Stationery, Signature tags, Desktop Wallpaper and more. We are not just a group but a family ! A family that supports artists by being copyright compli
478 Heart-Smiles
0 0
Heart-Smiles is the place to find things that simply make your heart smile!
I will be sending a variety of things from heart warming & inspiring stories, sweet poems, cute pics, jokes, toons etc.
All of my emails will be sent on beautiful Incredimail
479 Indulgence Fun
0 0
A Fun Forum for taggers and non taggers, full of tuts,challenges, daily tuts, games, chat and all round good fun! some wonderful taggers await you!
480 A Christian Spot Of JOY
0 0
Do NOT have to use Incredimail OR PSP
SS/Name Tags/Head Tags/all things to do with PSP
481 BestFriendsTagging4U
0 0
This is an Always List. I make tags for you, all kinds Dolls,animals, Native American,Poser, No requesting just pick them up pleae at my fokti site.
482 HolidayGraphixs
0 0
We are not like other Holiday Groups We share Incredimail Stats PSP Tubes Animated graphics and more that are Holidays Seasons Occasions related. We have Free Days and a Theme of the week Interested? Check it out
483 AllKindsOfIMFun
0 0
We are a group of Men and Women sharing Incredimail letters, tags, graphics,photos,music,devotionals,poems or anything you'd like to share that is family friendly. This is a rated G group. There may be children present. We do not share AC of anykind, no
484 kattekopjesalwayslist
0 0
Here will you recieve my tags whitout requesting

the only thing a ask is a thank you
and that you pick your tags up
your yahooprofile must be up to date
and you must fill in the database whitin 48 our
if you not in the database you will be remov
485 Dolly_World
0 0
This is a group fore the one who loves dolls
and love to share dollsstats and tags
incredimail is a must

i love to share my stats in here
and maby sometimes my dollbodies

will put some old tags up fore request

so if you like dolls come on
486 Emedina_Glitter_Tags
0 0
487 ShersTagCorner
0 0
If you love collecting Sig tags then this is the place for you. This is a "REQUEST" only group. I will be the only one offering tags here, so mail volume will be low.
488 PSP Forever
0 1
This little PSP group is designed for the beginner as well as the user
who already possesses good knowledge of Paintshop Pro in any version...
No Adult Content of any kind. Also no Goth, Pagan and Wiccan Come and play with us!
489 Tracy-Lou Tags For Request
0 0
This group were my tags go up for request.When the tags are done you will get incredimail letter with the tag. So there is no always list here.
490 gracecreatief
0 0
A site with quality tubes and all kinds of material for use with Paint Shop Pro. Also Tubes (made with Poser) for use with Paint Shop Pro. Also willing to make your personal tube on request if possible.
491 You and Me and PSP Advanced Class
0 0
Once you have passed the you and me and psp beginner class you can then move on to
the advanced class which is by invitation only.
You are guaranteed to learn and enjoy creating in my advanced group.
492 Turtle_Island_IncrediMail_Creations
0 0
Welcome to Turtle Island IncrediMail Creations! This is an IncrediMail group with a lot of Native American and wildlife shares. A variety of creations will come through to keep everyone happy! You may share all kinds of stats but no adult or EAC. Also, an
493 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OOGraphicsFunandChat
0 0
Great place to share and snagg graphics, tags ,ect,ect,. come join the fun ! We allow you all for your family time , every one has to have that. just check in every now and then and share or say thank you , or even Hi.we are a small group right now, but h
494 MagicalEnchantedRose
0 0
Hello, this is an incredimail sharing group and make new friends. We share PSP, Stat's, Tag's Extra's,music , nice creators on the group ,If you like glitter stats there is the place for you!!! .
495 Loopy's Loveables
0 0
Family Friendly, absolutely no A/C content.
This group will be low volume as only I will be posting. My letters are usually animated so tend to be heavier. I also make tags to match my letters. Hope to see you soon at Loveables.
496 Theresa's Daily Themes
0 0
Welcome to Theresa's Daily Themes. This group has the potential of being high volume so please take note of that. Each morning I will post 1 or more themes for that day. You will need to send in things for that theme. You can send in stats, tags, tubes, e
497 Naughty n Nice
0 1
We are a Paintshop Pro group where almost anything will be shared
Fonts, brushes, gradients, tubes, masks, scraps, graphics etc. A/C is allowed,NO EAC.Incredimail is NOT required to join. You must be 18 or over
498 Desirable Dezignz
0 0
Taggers will offer tags for request. They will range from from cute - AC. No EAC will be offered!
You must be 18 or over to join
499 LearnPSP
0 0
LearnPSP / ani shop from very begining to well advanced. Fun lessons so you enjoy learning. No Eac, family group only. lessons are due weekly, in pdf or eml format that we use. So if you want to learn in a fun and rewarding atmosphere come join us
500 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OOGraphicsFunandChat
0 0
Great awsome place to share ,talk ,have fun,pretty graphics, tag makers, blank tags,beautiful pics and wall papers. you must join and check us out ! we have very kind members.and a couple of night owls so your box will have mail !
501 Heavenly Tags And More
0 0
This group is in memory of mine and my hubbys little angel Davina!
Here you can share heavenly tags & globes including but not limited to: angels,heaven,butterflys,unicorns,doves,roses and other things like that.
I would be gratefull if you could share
502 Twisted_Humour
0 0
Welcome To Twisted_Humour! Post your favorite files such as adult humor, funny pictures, weird pictures, cartoons, jokes, links, greetings, forwards, animations, powerpoint files, paintshop pro goodies, movies, music, bizarre, scary, horrific, gross me ou
503 Lady Ann's Tutorials
0 0
My site displays my PSP tutorials and Web Set tutorials as well as some linkware.
504 The Lavender Rose
0 0
We Have Incredimail Letters and tags
They are mostly related to Poser and Dolls
We have an always list where you can add your name in Database and we make tags for you.
505 Posers and Cookie Tags Galore
0 0
I personally love Poser Dolls as well as these adorable new Cookie Dolls.

In this group i will be the only one posting. I will be offering both Poser and Cookie Doll tags up for request.
506 HeadsAboveTheRest
0 0
This is a group for anyone addicted to Head tags!! In Heads Above the Rest we will share blanks,
We will have surprise Tag offers.
We Have a member of the week and more!!!.
507 Fun_with_Tags_and_Blinkies
0 0
Welcome to our group!! Are you a tag and blinkie fiend? Do you love making, sharing, or snagging, tags, blinkies, and extras? If the answer is yes then this is the place for you!! So pull up a chair, sit on the floor, and start having fun with a great gro
508 Personalized-Stats-N-Tags-by-Scarlett
0 0
Are you looking for a group where you can get personalized stats and matching tags? Like to snag and not worry about sending in anything? Do you like Personalized Tags with your letters? Then look no further this is the group for you. This will be a low v
509 DivineDesignsbyLindy
0 0
This is a Christian group where you can recieve all of my Incredimail stationary.
510 lauries_creations
0 0
This is a group where you will receive my personal incredimail letters/stationary, tags extra's!! This is a very low volume group as i will be the only one posting...
I generally create about two stats a day with matching tags.
511 1 HorsesNMore Graphics
0 0
This group shares tubes and graphics of Native Americans, Horses, and more.
512 Sharry Creates OE Letters
0 0
Welcome! We are a Yahoo group where you will find our family-friendly OE letters sent right to your email inbox! The mail volume will be low as only the owner and moderator post. So kick back and relax and enjoy the letters!
513 Smilies, Blinkies, Dolls and More
0 0
This group started sharing just smilies, dolls and blinkies. But it was wanted by the members to share more. We share extras, everything with paint shop pro, incredimail, programs, tuts, tubes, graphics, stats, pixels, and more. Graphics and things to put
514 Freebies Galore
0 0
Sharing freebies and free samples. Occasionly new sweeps.
515 GorjussFans · Suzanne Woolcott Gorjuss Stats N Mor
0 0
If you love Suzanne Woolcott's art , then you have found the right group ------- Not just a "Group" but a " Family" ..... A "Family" that is happy to promote Suzanne Woolcott's art by making and/or sharing Tags, Snags and Stationery for Incredimail
516 DebbiesTagGroup
0 0
If you Like tags this will be a great group for you!!! Myself and other taggers will be the only ones to post so it will be low volume and is ALWAYS family safe.
Come on in and receive some of the best tags around.
517 Secret Tagger's Group
0 0
Come on in and join in the fun!! Each week we will be given a name of someone to spoil with tags, as we are spoiled by a secret someone else. Your secret tagger will be given your likes and dislikes, so everyone wins!
518 Glimpses Of God
0 0
Sharing The Love Of Christ!

"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them."
Ephesians 2:10 - (NASB)
This group has been designed to glorify God in every area!
519 Debbies Just Blanks
0 0
520 J Name Tags
0 0
We are the best signature tag group in the history of the universe. Anyone who has a name or nickname that begins with a J is welcome to join. A biweekly share is required, but you'll be so addicted you'll share as often as you can :)
We share our tags
521 BigDaddyandDaBombsBungalow
0 0
This group is designed for adults to relax and have fun. We will share jokes, tubes, graphics, wavs, videos, cartoons recipes and much much more. You must be 18 and your age must show in your profile to join. No porn, bestiality or drama will be allowed i
522 Great Robins & Swaps
0 0
This group is for swapping a nice VARIETY of items Via Round Robins Chances are that whatever you like to swap will be offered here at one time or another! (no extreme adult content allowed) This list is a place for people that PLAY FAIR and that want t
523 Red_Poniez Place
0 0
A place to receive my creations as i make them.
My creations range from a all categories BUT no AC whatsoever.
I hope you will enjoy your stay with me and find some nice stuff to snag and share around with friends and groups.
524 Exclusively Dolls
0 0
This is a small family group where we exchange Candybar and other cute Korean dolls (example: sayclub, com2zoa, and other teenies). Mail volume can be high at times. In this group we share letters, tags, and tubes made with these dolls only.
525 DW_CM_Tutorial_Writers_Inc
0 0
This group is for Tutorial writers to have their tut\\\\\\\'s tested by qualified testers.
We have a good group going here.
No Adult content of any kind allowed

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