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301 My Animation Space
0 0
We share the best of animated gifs, tinys, alphas, blinkies, glitters, characters, and extras. We have Theme share every thursday and all who share get a reward tag!!! We also wish our members a happy birthday and sometimes make tags for them too : )
302 PersonalizedStatsByAngieBear
0 0
i make personalized stats for incredimail users using cutesy things, no adult content at all~!!!!
303 GrafixNDreamz
0 0
Mail is forward friendly. No required sends, but greatly appreciated. Anything to do with PSP ...
Tags, Comp Sets, Blinkies, Fonts, Tubes, etc...
Mail volume varies from day to day.
Must be 18 or older to join?!?!
304 Tubes-4-U
0 0
Tubes-4-U is a group for those who just want to sit back, relax and collect tubes and ONLY TUBES! Our generous staff shares tubes from their extensive collections so you'll receive a wonderful selection every single day. You will see everything from roman
0 0
This group is just for all the creations I make, my always list is in here too, its only me posting so volume is low, I love PSP & I make a variety of things, stats, sigs, blings etc, I do AC but not EAC
306 PSPUsersPlayground
0 0
This is a group for all of my IncrediMail stats & tag offers. This also serves as My Always List. There is no limit on the amount of tags and stats that you will receive. I create when I have time.
307 PspFunAndGames
0 0
This is a new group.
We will have much activity and shares.
Everything PSP related will be shared but only G rated,no SAC or AC material.
308 Paint Shop Pro Mania
0 0
A place to show your Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop creations
and make great friends at the same time. We share tutorials,
graphics, tubes, tags (all taggers welcome), incredimail
stationary, Brushes, Blinkies, Extras, Scraps, Scripts, Filters,
309 SecretGarden Designs
0 0
Welcome to SecretGarden Designs. I'm so glad you are here. This is a low volume group where only I will post. Secret Garden Designs is where I will post all my Letterstyles and Tutorials for you to enjoy.
310 Unlimited_Original_Tags
0 0
Welcome!! To Unlimited Original Tags!! We are a group of talented taggers who pride ourselves on
making all of our tags from scratch., meaning no tuts., just lots of inspiration!! We cover all types of graphics from Country, to Celebrity on occasion, Scen
311 Cute Tags
0 0
In this group, we'll send in offers ONLY for CUTE TAGS! There will absolutely be NO adult tags sent in to this group. If you're interested in joining, we'd love to have you!

Owners: Cindi and Nellie Taggers:Amy,Becky,Cindi,Connie,Deborah,Diane,Donna,Ja
312 TagGameZone
0 0
Welcome To Tag Game Zone. We will be playing ONLY tag games here. There will be no tag requesting here. Depending on the ammount of taggers we have depends on how many games we will play each week. EVERYONE will be given a chance to win tags here. All tag
313 Selahs Classifieds
0 0
Welcome to Selah's Classifieds. You can advertise your websites, groups, Church meetings etc... here. Everything advertised here will be child friendly. You can advertise as much and as often as you wish. Anyone joining under No Mail, or Special Notices
314 Whispers In The Night
0 0
Welcome to Whispers In The Night.

Are you tired of groups telling you what you can or can't share? I wanted a group where you can share almost anything..There are only a few rules:

1. Do not share anything weird with animals , children , young peop
315 Tantalizing Tagz
0 0
Looking for members and taggers
Looking for tags made by dedicated taggers?
Or are you a dedicated tagger yourself?
316 Texas_Twister_T_M
0 0
Welcome to Texas Twister tubes and mists I will be sharing my tubes, tags and my coloring jpegs and I will also be sharing my stats and I might be sharing stats and tubes of my friends. You will be the first to see my tubes and mists and please share my w
317 Tubes By Terry
0 0
Welcome to Terry's Tubes & Mists
Here I will share tubes & mists that I have done.
Only I will be posting so volume will be low.
318 TheLurkersLounge
0 0
All NEW LurkersLounge group! Do you love to have your inbox filled with wonderful creations without the pressure of having to meet a minimum share requirement? If so, then this is the group for you!!
Here, are content will range from cutesy to goth to SA
319 Just My Cup of Tea
0 0
A laid back group where we share blinkies,
tags, stats, graphics, stories, recipes,
what have you, and we make a friend or two too!
Please join us and get ready to share and snag as well!
320 Special_tags_by_BHC
0 0
If you are a tagaholic like most of us, then this is the group for you. I create all family safe tag's only... cartoons (Wil E Coyote, Road Runner, Bugs Bunny, Taz, Daffy Duck....) Wild life (tigers, monkeys, ducks, rabbits, dogs, cats...) Floral, so on a
321 Petty_Power
0 0
A group to honour the only 4 generation family in sports history. The Great Petty family!

"We should try to help somebody along the way, too. I think that's the way it is. As we go through life, if we can help somebody along, the first thing you know,
322 SapphireRain
0 0
If you like creating in PSP, or any other graphics program, or just love to collect graphics, backgrounds, tags, STATS, fonts, and? Sapphire Rain is for you.

We are a laid back group that has harvested alot of great friendships.

Participate when yo
323 123Tags4Me
0 0
A great tag request group. Come on in for personalized tags.
324 Candys_Place
0 0
You may send anything and everything PSP/IM related. Tubes, animations, fonts, alphas, stats and tags. This is not an adult site.
Remember if in doubt, don't send it! !!!!! Incredimail is required to receive the incredimail letters. We have creators of
325 Shares-IM-PsP
0 0
we share everything from psp to incredimail
326 Dark_Corner_Designs
0 0
Although the Name May Imply Dark/Goth, we Offer Tags that range from Cutsie to Mild AC. With Very Few Goth Offers.We have some of the BEST Taggers! Welcome All Siggie Piggies!
327 Serenas Incredimail Letters
0 0
This group is for me to share my new letters and tags with you all. Just sit back and relax and let me do all the work. This will be a low volume group as I will be the only one posting.
Older letters will be available in the files section for a while so
328 *~*Pixel Crazeeee*~*
0 0
Do you love pixel tags? And would you like to receive pixel tag offers directly to your Inbox? If so, the *~*Pixel Crazeeee*~* is the place for you!
329 Dee's Designs
0 0
Dee and Shirley will be the only ones posting. No A/c A family friendly site. You need im and set to traditional to join. A large variety of im stats
330 All That Stuff
0 0
We are a Paint Shop Pro and Graphic sharing group.
!!!All That Stuff is under new owership!!!
Family Friendly Graphics Only! No Stats Allowed!
331 Candy Cats & Friends Sig Tags 4 request
0 0
Candy Cats & Friends Sig Tags 4 request is a request only sig tag group with a great group of talented and creative taggers.
We offer a variety of tags from cute to fantasy from Christian to SAC. Something for everyone!
This is not a share group so ma
332 DW_MG_Tutorial_Classes
0 0
Welcome to DW_MG Tutorial classes. You need to have a little bit of knowledge with installing plug ins for PSP and using letter creator. Any questions for tutorials your welcome to ask and someone will be around to help.

You need to start from lesson 1
333 Nancy Tags
0 0
This is a group for anyone who's name is Nancy any spelling of Nancy is welcome
334 SharecuzicareCreations
0 0
Welcome! We are a Yahoogroup where you will find family friendly IM Stationery. Only myself and the mods post, so it is a low volume group. If you enjoy IM letters then this is the place to be! Come join us!
335 Creators World
0 0
We share and create stats and tags. We have a weekly theme and a challenge graphic and tube .Most of all we have fun and enjoy ourselves without any pressure
336 Mums_United
0 0
A place for mums to chat, share laughs, photos, stories..and get to know each other.
A friendly place, with a high volume of emails, so if you love to chat, this is the place for you!
337 It's a small world
0 0
Do you love sigs? Do you like snags/extras to use in your mail or website? Do you enjoy collecting? Are you a siggy piggy? Come and visit us now! We are a family oriented delphi forum (free subscription) and it is 100% child safe! :)
338 Christian Stats and Tags
0 0
Do you wish you could find more groups that sent in Christian things. Like tags, stats, extras, etc??? Well, this is a group you should try out. NO AC
339 TracynoE! Simply PsP Creationze For You
0 0
Hi I create copyright safe Incredimail stats and tags, from cute and cuddley to SAC. I create at least 5 stats a week from a wide range of artists, PTU Personal/group permissions and general artists, would love to see you there hugs Tracy
340 HawaiianCowgirlDezines_Always_Tag_List
0 0
This group is an always tag list. Members will receive all tags that I make with out having to request. Tags will range from G to SAC. Please note that I do make tags that may show AC and SAC.(Boobs and/or butts but nothing else) No EAC tags.I am a CR saf
341 PSPFun-n-Stuff
0 0
This is a group for creators and snaggers alike--SAC okay, just no explicit AC--Other than that, anything goes! Stats, tubes, brushes, fonts, anything to do with PSP is wonderful and welcome--Share as much or as little as you want--We're here to have f
342 Artistic Cafe'
0 0
We are a group of friends that love PSP and scrapbooking. We offer signature tags, WWO's tutorials, challenges, tag swaps, games, and a drama free atmosphere. We feel a signature is a personal reflection of who you are.
343 The Best of the Best taggers
0 0
This group is for people who love Signature Tags! This is the best of the best EXCLUSIVE group. At some point new membership will be closed. Come join us!

344 M'lady Summer Mists
0 0
::: NEW ::: Beautiful misted tubes in a wide variety of themes. No adult content or goth. As I am the only one sharing mail volume is low. Come and go as you please - change your mail settings at will - very laid back and relaxing group. I hope to see yo
345 Cali'z Incredifun Zone
0 0
If you like incredimail letters, tags, jigsaw puzzles, alphas, tubes, phonts, graphics, and personalized stationary (just to name a few, lol), then this is the place for you. So come on in, sit back, relax, and most importantly HAVE FUN!!
346 Gobs of Goodies
0 0
A group for those who love PSP and Incredimail! We share Incredimail letters,scrap kits, masks, brushes, frames, tubes, extras...you name it! So if you like sharing and collecting then this is the place for you! This is a must share,on a weekly basis, gro
347 IncredimailDOWS
0 0
We share DOTW, Months and extras, alphas.
348 IncredimailsClassyCreators
0 0
Incredimail's Classy Creators is a group for talented creators to show off their skills and for those of us who love their work and want to enjoy them. We will focus on sharing Incredimail stationary, tags and tubes originally created by you. Themes rang
349 Fabulous_females
0 0
We are a new group of females,sharing anything from fantacy to fun.We share stats tags,jokes fonts,or anything as long as it's not EAC.We even share our problems.We are someone to vent to or a sholder to cry on.Or someone to laugh with.We want to be your
0 0
This is where you can go if you are crazy about PSP. Its a friendly group and would love for you to join and have fun.
351 Quaint & Clever
0 0
Quaint Clever is an "Upscale" Tagging Group, with only the Best and Most Talented Taggers! This is where you will find very talented Taggers offering High Quality Tags. Exclusive Tag Offers, by some of the Top Taggers.
352 Shan's Designs
0 0
I share all my creations through my Group, Shan's Designs. IM letters, desktops, blinkies and more!
353 Tag Crazeeee
0 0
If you love using sig tags in your Emails and would like to receive tag offers directly to your Inbox..then join Tag Crazeeee! Tag styles vary but they all 100% family friend/kid safe..NO AC/goth/gory/etc.
354 A Touch of Class Creations
0 0
Incredimail Letters and matching tags, as many as you want for all your friends except animated, clean for the whole family. Designers consists of Angelhrt, Rarerose and Loves Creations. Tired of requesting? Come join us:)
355 Tags by Cheryl
0 0
Always signature tag list. Most tags are of a magical nature, but not exclusively. No need to request. As long as your name is in the database, you will receive all tags. Some tags will have Incredimail stats to match.
356 " Bitchin-N-Moanin"
0 0
Welcome to this little group! Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. This is a place to come and bitch and gripe about everyday events..From family life to work to anything in general!! W
357 letters by Sarah Lee
0 0
This group is for sending out all my new Letters,DOTW,Tags,Extras You MUST have INCREDIMAIL to be here and your settings must be set to TRADIONAL,For you to able to see my letters ,Your YAHOO profile must also be filled out, if it isnt then im afraid i wo
358 On The Wings Of Christs Love
0 0
Christian online ministry where only "clean" graphics are shared and Jesus Christ our Lord is exalted~this is a place for both men and women~everything is child safe~ We share devotionals presented on beautiful Christian incredimail letters with music~Ch
359 Gillysletters
0 0
you can recieve my letters as i make them, it is a low amount that will be sent out,
360 Tubes-N-Stuff
0 0
we share all psp things which will aid us in creating some beautiful psp work, a great friendly site,do you like creating then come inside, this is the place for you.
361 Sharing Snags and Tags
0 0
We share everything we snag, including lots of guest tag offers
362 The Ryan Phillippe Connection
0 0
'The Ryan Phillippe Connection' is a great new group for female true Ryan Phillippe Fans out there! Share news, photos, facts, anything you like! Although this is not an AC group,you MUST be over 18 to participate!
Come and join the fun! :)
363 Mistiques Graphics and More
0 0
This is a group that is for sharing graphics of all sorts, including that of incredimail stats and animations It doesn't matter if you are a creator or snaggger or what ever. Just come on in and enjoy. There are few rules to the group but the main one is
364 JIC Tutorial Testers
0 0
I am looking for people to test my tutorials for PSP/Incredimail. Mail volume is low as I am the only one posting to the group. All test results go straight to me.

I'd love to have you!
365 Crazy4DaysDoolChitChat
0 0
Share Days Of Our Lives, Stats, Gossip and Chat about Days of Our Lives
366 Mumsntags
0 0
A place for mums to share and snag all kinds of graphics..psp tubes, tags, extras, blanks, tutorials, fonts, you name it:)
367 Candys_Place
0 0
Sharing anything PSP and Incredimail. Brushes, tags, stats, gradients, patterns, fonts, etc. Come join the fun.
368 The NeverEndingForeverLasting Fantasy
0 0
this is a Incredimail sharing group. We share all sorts of mystical fantasy themed stats from unicorns and fae to witches and dragons. we are a high volume group so please join us
369 Rainbow Designs Incredimail
0 0
We are a fun loving group of people who love to share or create letters, tags and blinkies to be use with "Incredimail"

From Angels to Zebras and anything in between. Cartoons, Nature, TV, Movies, Ducks, Country.
370 Moms with Tots and Kids
0 0
This is a Moms group for Moms and Grandma's to come and get together and talk about our tots and kids... Please know we are an incredimail group and must have it and use it to be a member... Please be 18 and older, female, a Mom and or grandma, or expecti
371 Incredimail Theme Collectors
0 0
This is a themed based incredimail group... Me and my friend Leslie love themes and we are looking for those who do too.. Themes will be voted on by members.. Poll opens Mondays and closed Saturday. Themes run 7 days a week.. Saturday to Saturday. This is
372 EndoftheInternet
0 0
Welcome to The End of the Internet..
The only group you will ever need for all your Paint Shop Pro goodies.We will share everything to do with PSP..Tubes,graphics,plugins,brushes,tff's,accents...etc...We will share Fantasy,Sci-Fi,Gothic,Native American,ad
373 PSP Cafe
0 0
PSP Tubes, Tags, And More. Read My Front Page For More Info. Come Join The Fun!
374 Pleasant Paths
0 0
Pleasant Paths is a weekly family oriented
ezine. Each week I send out a mailing with
bits and pieces some of which I write and some of which is gleaned from the internet.
375 MomsSharingStationeryAndTags
0 0
A place to share incredimail,tags and OE stationery.We are a very actice group.

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