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226 DivineDesignsbyLindy
0 0
This is a Christian group where you can recieve all of my Incredimail stationary.
227 Personalized-Stats-N-Tags-by-Scarlett
0 0
Are you looking for a group where you can get personalized stats and matching tags? Like to snag and not worry about sending in anything? Do you like Personalized Tags with your letters? Then look no further this is the group for you. This will be a low v
228 Red_Poniez Place
0 0
A place to receive my creations as i make them.
My creations range from a all categories BUT no AC whatsoever.
I hope you will enjoy your stay with me and find some nice stuff to snag and share around with friends and groups.
229 BigDaddyandDaBombsBungalow
0 0
This group is designed for adults to relax and have fun. We will share jokes, tubes, graphics, wavs, videos, cartoons recipes and much much more. You must be 18 and your age must show in your profile to join. No porn, bestiality or drama will be allowed i
230 Glimpses Of God
0 0
Sharing The Love Of Christ!

"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them."
Ephesians 2:10 - (NASB)
This group has been designed to glorify God in every area!
231 Debbies Just Blanks
0 0
232 J Name Tags
0 0
We are the best signature tag group in the history of the universe. Anyone who has a name or nickname that begins with a J is welcome to join. A biweekly share is required, but you'll be so addicted you'll share as often as you can :)
We share our tags
233 alcohol addiction help
0 0
Finding support for Alcohol addiction isn't always an easy process, and in addition you desire to have the right personnel in your corner. Let us be those people for you, and in addition we will assistance you overcome your Alcohol addiction. Check out ou
234 Freebies Galore
0 0
Sharing freebies and free samples. Occasionly new sweeps.
235 Exclusively Dolls
0 0
This is a small family group where we exchange Candybar and other cute Korean dolls (example: sayclub, com2zoa, and other teenies). Mail volume can be high at times. In this group we share letters, tags, and tubes made with these dolls only.
236 faith_filled_friends
0 0
Faith Filled Friends...a new group for Christian women. Here we will enjoy chat, daily activities, recipes, marriage/relationship advice, graphics, Paint Shop Pro(share tutorials, tubes, etc.), Incredimail(Share your creations or others), talk about our d
237 Chat and Stitch
0 0
Love to cross stitch? Love to chat? Then this is the group for you!
Join now and let's get going on those projects! All ages welcome!

List O
238 LMRForwards
0 0
We are a G-PG rated list
We send anything and everything that will help a leader with their list
Header Sets Tags Offers
Swap Ads Once a week
All Mail Can Be Forwarded To Lists You Run Or Own
No Stress No Hassle No Drama NO Nudity
239 Snagarrific
0 0
This is a fun layed back group for snagging and sharing...Incredimail stats,tags,tubes,fonts and anything else we can think of. No adult content allowed. This is a drama free zone!
240 Tigger's_Incredi_Shares
0 0
Shares here will be for things compatible with the Program Incredimail, extras, tubes and alphas, and other things for PSP. ABSOLUTLY no nudity will be shared or accepted here. Personized tags and stats can be shared here, and you may make them for the gr
241 Kelly_and_friends_request_list
0 0
We are a family friendly group that offers personalized stats & tags to our members. We have lots of fun. So if you are addicted to stats and tags like us, then come join us for some great offers.
242 DW_CM_Tutorial_Writers_Inc
0 0
This group is for Tutorial writers to have their tut\\\\\\\'s tested by qualified testers.
We have a good group going here.
No Adult content of any kind allowed
243 c&ccreations
0 0
Chris & Carole would like to welcome you to our group.

We are a friendly Family orientated group where you can come and
244 Turtle_Island_IncrediMail_Creations
0 0
Welcome to Turtle Island IncrediMail Creations! This is an IncrediMail group with a lot of Native American and wildlife shares. A variety of creations will come through to keep everyone happy! You may share all kinds of stats but no adult or EAC. Also, an
245 Wikmail & PSP Explosion
0 1
A fun alternative to Incredimail. "WikMail and PSP Explosion" We are a fun group and we share all things PSP and letters using WikMail only.
246 Kutesy_Kreators_Tubes
0 0
This is a place to snag and share the absolute cutest tubes only. Grated tubes are the only kind allowed. Just Tubes, blings, family friendly! The best tubes around! Come join us!
247 KreatorRus
0 0
A place for snaggers to come and sit back and enjoy the latest Designs of some of the most talented creators on the web! This site is for snaggers only. We already have all the creators we need! You will love what is shared through this group by a wonderf
248 Motorcycle Momma's Marvelous Tags
0 0
This is a low volume group where I will be offering tags. There is no limit on how many tags I will offer. I will offer them when I have time. There may be some Slight Adult Content tags offered, but they will be marked in the subject line.
**Please have
249 Aye-Chihuahua
0 0
We are celebrating the little ones with the help of Incredimail. Chihuahua's, Yorkies, Maltese, Papillions, Pomeranians, Poodles,and all the other wonderful toy breeds! This Incredimail group is for our precious tiny canines and their antics, though you c
250 Rainbow Designs Incredimail
0 0
We are a fun loving group of people who love to share or create letters, tags and blinkies to be use with "Incredimail"

From Angels to Zebras and anything in between. Cartoons, Nature, TV, Movies, Ducks, Country.
251 TheCrazyFunHouse
0 0
we are a group that just want to have
lots of fun,and meet new friends. you must be 18 to join with your age in your yahoo profile.
come be a little nuts with us..see ya there.
252 Moms with Tots and Kids
0 0
This is a Moms group for Moms and Grandma's to come and get together and talk about our tots and kids... Please know we are an incredimail group and must have it and use it to be a member... Please be 18 and older, female, a Mom and or grandma, or expecti
253 Fantastic_Food_and_Drink_Incredimail
0 0
If you like food and drinks and even recipes here is the group for you... this group is focused on just that! The only things shared here is just those things... Incredimail, Psp Goodies, extras, and more! As long as there is food or drink or even maybe a
254 Crazy4DaysDoolChitChat
0 0
Share Days Of Our Lives, Stats, Gossip and Chat about Days of Our Lives
255 Christian Tags
0 0
We have created a Christian Tag ONLY group for those who love tags. I really got tired of all the AC and cutie tags. I love the Christian tags, tho, and I know you will, as well. Now and then, I send in Christian stats, as well. Please, please, drop by an
256 Stationarys_Paradise
0 0
Would you like to join a group that's friendly, fun, caring and kind? If so, this is the group for you! We share Stationary for Incredimail and encourage anyone to show their talents.
257 CMs_Ellegant_Mists
0 0
You will receive many great quality misted tubes here! mail volume is low,I am the only one sending right now.
Come join us
258 Candys_Place
0 0
Sharing anything PSP and Incredimail. Brushes, tags, stats, gradients, patterns, fonts, etc. Come join the fun.
259 PSP Designs
0 0
Cool tags. Not a bunch of rules, Not a bunch of mail. Tags range from cute to mild AC -
all you have to do is request 'em. Group mail will be low volume - we're set up so only tag offers can be posted, everything else is done off-list.
260 Celebrity_Tags_4_You
0 0
Do you like celebrities of all kinds but can't make your own tags, well then this is the group for you, Here you will just sit back and let the offers come in and all you do is request them. Hope you enjoy your stay here at Celebrity Tags 4 You, Ne
261 EndoftheInternet
0 0
Welcome to The End of the Internet..
The only group you will ever need for all your Paint Shop Pro goodies.We will share everything to do with PSP..Tubes,graphics,plugins,brushes,tff's,accents...etc...We will share Fantasy,Sci-Fi,Gothic,Native American,ad
262 Soft and Pretty Incredimail Stationary
0 0
This is a Christian site, who shares only Christian stats and timeless stats, anything that is pleasing to the Lord. It's a wonderful group to be in and fellowship and share our love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please, come join us!!! Thank you and May God
263 buffalo limo services
0 0
Need to find the right Buffalo limo services for that special occurrence? We have the information and in addition assets that you urge in selecting the perfect Buffalo limo services for your important occurrence. Please visit our website at http://Buffalo
264 drug abuse programs
0 0
If you or a loved one has ever been addicted to any sort of a substance then you may already know the answer to what addiction programs are. However, many people have no idea what exactly these are and this article is for them to have a better understandi
265 Jen's Pixel Place
0 0
Jen's Pixel Place has linkware siggies available for request with more goodies coming soon. If you love adorable pixels...come visit!
266 HolidayGraphixs
0 0
We are not like other Holiday Groups We share Incredimail Stats PSP Tubes Animated graphics and more that are Holidays Seasons Occasions related. We have Free Days and a Theme of the week Interested? Check it out
267 private addiction recovery program
0 0
Lately, private addiction treatment programs are beginning to be more recognized. The reason being they offer one of the best options for addiction treatment. Private addiction treatment programs are offered in some of the best facilities in the united st
268 Gotta Share This!
0 0
We share everything here! Crafts, jokes, stats, tags, poems, everything that is not A/C! Come on over and get to know us!
269 Eclectic Stay Party
0 0
We are a family at ESP. We share tears, laughs, ideas, opinions and of course witchy things! We are open to all paths, there is no flaming allowed. Every member cares for each other! Come and join the family!
270 Incredimail Disney and Other Cartoons
0 0
This Group is for Disney and Other Cartoons Incredimail Letter Creations and Tags, tubes, etc.. Please keep it G rated
271 SharingWithYou2
0 0
This is a group to share Stats,Jokes,Music Or Just make a friend.Keep it nice people or I will remove you..NO SPAMMING OR FLAMMING THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO SELL THINGS...Adult sends are ok but NOTHING R OR X RATED IS ALLOWED.And please mark it Adult in the
272 Pleasant Paths
0 0
Pleasant Paths is a weekly family oriented
ezine. Each week I send out a mailing with
bits and pieces some of which I write and some of which is gleaned from the internet.
273 Texas_Twister_T_M
0 0
Welcome to Texas Twister tubes and mists I will be sharing my tubes, tags and my coloring jpegs and I will also be sharing my stats and I might be sharing stats and tubes of my friends. You will be the first to see my tubes and mists and please share my w
274 Minnies PSP Palace
0 0
Minnie Invites you to come share PSP goodies with her at
her Palace. All is welcome(Kids,Grandparents,Parents,Families),no
matter what level of PSPER you are. We will have something for All.
You must have Paint Shop Pro.
This is a Sharing Group so P
275 Aint't That Cute Incredimail
0 0
Ain't That Cute -it is more than a group it is a place to share Incredimail stationary and make new friends. In this group we share stats, tags, psp items such as tubes, graphics, etc, as well as our hearts and lives. We do not allow adult content, family
276 DebBeeAM-Designz
0 0
Thank you for stopping by and i really hope you
will like it here and want to stay with me.

I shall post what i make in stats and i shall also
be posting various links and share with you some psp

I will from time to time be making matching
277 Tubes By Terry
0 0
Welcome to Terry's Tubes & Mists
Here I will share tubes & mists that I have done.
Only I will be posting so volume will be low.
278 Whispers In The Night
0 0
Welcome to Whispers In The Night.

Are you tired of groups telling you what you can or can't share? I wanted a group where you can share almost anything..There are only a few rules:

1. Do not share anything weird with animals , children , young peop
279 Unlimited_Original_Tags
0 0
Welcome!! To Unlimited Original Tags!! We are a group of talented taggers who pride ourselves on
making all of our tags from scratch., meaning no tuts., just lots of inspiration!! We cover all types of graphics from Country, to Celebrity on occasion, Scen
280 Funtagstic
0 0
We are a small friendly laid back psp group
that love's to have fun with no pressure.
Lots to do for non-psper's too Games -chat -challenge's etc. pop along and check us out.
281 Special_tags_by_BHC
0 0
If you are a tagaholic like most of us, then this is the group for you. I create all family safe tag's only... cartoons (Wil E Coyote, Road Runner, Bugs Bunny, Taz, Daffy Duck....) Wild life (tigers, monkeys, ducks, rabbits, dogs, cats...) Floral, so on a
282 Shares-IM-PsP
0 0
we share everything from psp to incredimail
283 Victorian and Vintage Classics
0 0
If you love the Victorian and Vintage Eras, you will absolutely love this group. We share gorgeous stats from those eras and I know you will love it here. It is a CHRISTIAN group. Please, come on in and check this one out. We'd be SO happy to see you. May
284 Christian Seniors Exclusives
0 0
I thought we older people needed a group just for us where we can gather and talk about things that seniors like to talk about, complain, our illnesses, our kids, grandchildren, our aches and pains, Social Security, all those neat things. So, we're lookin
285 OurSecondHome
0 0
OurSecondhome is also a family friendly share group for people that love to collect letters, tags, extras ... As well as all your PSP goodies. Desperately in need of some members and people that have a desire to share what they receive as well as make la
286 FellowShipInLove Online Ministry
0 0
Welcome to FellowShip In Love Egroups.

Non-Denominational based Online Email Ministry.
287 DWTutorials&Classes
0 0
I offer tutorials I write and those I have written permisson to offer.Along with that I offer classes to those who would like them.
288 Crockpot-Recipes-N-MoreOnIncredimail
0 0
A place to share crockpot recipes on incredimail.
289 Flowers of Elegance
0 0
If you have an extreme love for flowers, this is the group for you, my friends. Flowers are one of my weaknesses. I love them all and they are all so beautiful, in their own way. This is ALSO a Christian group where we share all our gorgeous flower stats
290 Romantic and Sensual Only
0 0

Welcome to the one and only romantic Incredimail group ! Here you'll find romantic stats, tags and music, like you had never dreamed of.... Our simple rules are : sexy is allowed, little
0 0
292 DzinersHaven
0 0
DzinersHaven is a creators paradise...... I do allow snaggers here but only to share on weekends the goodies they have accumulated throughout the week by means of stats but through the week, I ask that snaggers participate by means of supplying/sharing wi
293 CanadianPlayground
0 0
CanadianPlayground is a share group I started for all Canadians. Here we would be sharing anything that is Incredimail and or PSP related. If you got graphics, tubes, fonts, extras, tags, glitters, gradients and even just a few kind words to someone in ne
294 House of humour
0 0
A group that allows you to be you!!
Share jokes,musics,tuts etc.You really have to be nuts to fit in so come and play..
295 variety tag requests
0 0
we put out tag requests from cute to pretty--large to small and you choose which ones oyu want to collect. Add some great tags to your collections. Absolutely no a/c conent in thetags we put out. Come join us--we would be glad to have you
296 patriciastagrequest
0 0
This is a tag requesting group only. There will not be any shares through this group so we can keep the mail volume low. No Stationary,stats or anything,only tags for requesting.The only ones sending out mail will be the taggers. No AC or EAC allowed.
0 0
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298 addiction treatment facility
0 0
If somebody you know is struggling with a substance abuse problem than it is probably time to get involved in an addiction treatment program. There are definitely quite a few different options available for anyone struggling with addiction, and Im going t
299 wisconsin recovery centers
0 0
There are a few vastly effective Wisconsin treatment facilities for your consideration. Pay us a visit on our webpage at: and learn the most appropriate treatment facilities in Wisconsin. For those who have more questio
300 Ashley Dupre
0 0
Non-official fan page of Ashley Dupre, famous for her involvement in the Elliot Spitzer sex scandal, she is now a columnist for the New York Post offering relationship advice. Offering detailed information including pictures, videos and a biography. Pictu

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